Best Toll Free Number Provider USA

best toll free number provider usa

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A missed call is a missed business opportunity , Set-up a seamless communication system with Voiptella.

Whatever industry you are involved in, your customers/ clients will have to contact you at one point or the other. Phone calls have time and again proven to be the most preferred means of communication. Each phone call that you receive is either from one of your customers seeking to resolve a query or from a potential customer who is interested in your product/service. Miss a single call and you are moving one step away from your customers. This is where toll free numbers come for your aid. Call forwarding and call routing features that come with toll free numbers ensure that you don’t miss a single valuable call from your customers. Avail the services of the best toll free number provider in USA. Sign up for a 7-day free trial! 

Why toll free numbers? Toll free numbers that allow customers to contact businesses free of cost is seen by customers as a mark of a well-established organization. Toll free numbers give your business a professional image and increase its credibility. They help you win new customers as well as gain the loyalty of your existing customers. Voiptella- the best toll-free number provider in USA– provides you dependable, feature-rich and scalable telecommunications services at a fraction of the cost of other providers. 

Why Voiptella? With many telecommunications service providers in the market, choosing the right one might seem a bit challenging. A thorough understanding of the services provided is crucial before you choose your telecommunications partner. Something that is often overlooked is the quality of maintenance services.  Technical glitches being an inseparable twin of all automated systems, maintenance quality is as important as the product quality. With 24/7 technical support to take care of any unexpected trouble that may occur in the system, Voiptella is the ideal choice when it comes to toll free numbers. 

Toll free numbers for small businesses– Advent of cloud-based systems have made toll free numbers accessible and affordable for small businesses.  Small businesses can create a nation-wide presence without huge infrastructure investment with toll free numbers. Features like call forwarding and call routing help them handle more calls with fewer agents. Give your staff the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world with call forwarding facility offered by toll free numbers. Call forwarding is also beneficial if your organization has a remote workforce. Buy toll free numbers for your business from the best toll free number provider in USA 

Toll free numbers for big enterprises– Flexibility to handle huge number of calls concurrently makes toll-free numbers a great option for large businesses as well. Voiptella’s IVR integrated numbers can handle up to 50 calls concurrently. Voiptella’s smart IVR system helps reduce the waiting time and lets your customers resolve minor queries on their own without agent intervention, through a series of pre-recorded messages.  With toll free numbers, large businesses that wish to set up a local area number to create a local area presence, can do so without setting up local offices. Features like queue report, voicemail transcription etc. help you increase agent productivity and improve the overall performance of your call center

Toll free number as a marketing tool – Toll free number can be a great marketing tool for your business irrespective of your business size. Easy-to-remember toll free numbers often get associated with a brand and increases the brand recall value.  Special toll free numbers called vanity numbers which contain the name of the product/service offered by a business can immensely benefit your business. Adopting different numbers for different marketing campaigns help in tracking the effectiveness of the campaigns. You can conduct quick surveys, get instant customer feedback and launch new products using your custom toll free number. 

Scalability and portability -Scalability and portability make toll free numbers a much-coveted choice for businesses. You can add any number of new toll free lines to your business easily depending upon your requirements. Hassle-free number portability makes Voiptella a promising option for any business looking for a toll free number. Get a custom toll free number from the best toll free number provider in USA

Strong customer relationship is the foundation for any business. Set your foundation right by choosing the right telecommunications partner for your business. Set sail on smooth waters by setting up custom toll free numbers from Voiptella. Competitively priced, our flexible subscription plans are fit to accommodate every budget. Choose an easy-to-remember number from our huge inventory of numbers or port your existing number to get a Voiptella toll free number today! Sign Up now – http://voiptella.com/

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