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Why Voiptella ?

What else could be better than handling all the incoming and outgoing calls in one place? Well, if you have access to the internet, you can use the business VoIP phone service to handle your business calls. This virtual business phone system is a diverse communications platform that is accessible, affordable, and very much feasible to set up on the web.

Build A Cloud-Based Business Communication Platform

Smart way to connect to your leads and convert them in sales with best VoIP phone service 

Virtual number

Get a virtual phone number to route all the business departments to an IVR or mobile without any hassle.

Smart IVR

Build a IVR flow to control a large number of incoming calls and direct straight to agents according to the caller's input.

Toll Free

Get domestic and international toll free numbers and make it fast to contact your business.

Outbound Calling

Enhance the productivity with automated outbound calls for agents and optimize their time strategically.

Distributed Call Center

Avail the most of both the inbound call center and outbound call center services on cloud

Number masking

protection for the privacy of customers, by their phone numbers secure without any exchange of information.


Get fax directly to your inbox without having a physical fax machine and send it using our platform.

Text Messaging

Through our platform, send promotional and transactional text messages to customers with the same virtual number.


A simple yet feature-rich audio and web conferencing program to host all meetings online anytime from anywhere.

Click to Call

Enable yourself to connect with customers and agents quickly and efficiently with a click to call.

Progressive Dialer

Improve agent productivity with progressive dialer software.

CRM Integration

A single, integrated platform providing the best solutions for next-generation communication

API Management

White label all activities by integrating all advanced features into your platform with an easy to configure API

Lead Management

Add and manage all your different lead sources in a few clicks using the top- notch integrated lead management platform.

Email Marketing

Take your business to the next level with the fast track sales process, send emails to customers while talking over a phone cal with them.

Built for Businesses

Record all Widespread Communication

Through our distributed call center mobile application, track and record all business conversations with your agents made from a personal number anytime from anywhere.

Live Analytics & Dashboard

Ensure Data Security

Without wondering about maintenance, keep the customer data secure with our advanced platform and channelize it as per your requirements. And that too with advanced data safety.

Around The Clock Support

No matter what time, always be available for your customers and never miss a business lead with 24/7 support.

Real-time Analytics Dashboards

Customized analytics dashboard curation to get insights by integrating the CRM suite using cloud telephone solutions.

Live Analytics & Dashboard

Personalized Customer Experience

Through personalized IVR feature, improve customer interaction experience with customized greetings in regional languages.

Online Classifieds

Global Presence

Widen your customer base using virtual numbers for international locations that too without setting up any office.

Starter Plan

From $ 9.99 /per user

Standard Plan

From $ 24.99 /per user

Premium Plan

From $ 39.99 /per user

Our Subscriptions

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Starter Plan

From $ 9.99 /per user

Standard Plan

From $ 49.99 /per user

Premium Plan

From $ 99.99 /per user

Customized Plan

Discuss your requirements with our customized package.

    Customizable for all Industries

    • Education
    • Ecommerce
    • Healthcare
    • Mass Media
    • Real Estate
    • Financial Service
    • Food & Beverages


    Add a whole extra dimension by introducing automate communication between faculty and students or parents. It brings operations online to handle a large volume of the call flow, and also it helps to garner data with just a missed call.


    Using automated outbound solutions, reach out to the customers and send customized payment reminders. Also, it ensures customer privacy and delivery updates. Verify and reduce COD cancelations and operational costs by using IVR and hosted call center.



    Be always ready to help your patients with our hosted call center solutions. Set up a call center to ensure timely communication and save time by coupling IVR with ASR to contact the concerned person in a few seconds. In case of emergency, improve your services by sending them regular updates.

    Mass Media

    Gather client data for marketing campaigns and analyze ROI with missed call solutions. Increase lead inflow and handle large call volume through Smart IVR. Using the automated outbound solutions, get in touch with your customers without missing any updates.

    Real Estate

    With automated personalized outbound communication, track, record, and manage inbound queries. Let your clients making calls to your agents for free through virtual number and click to call services. Moreover, conduct market research and offer seasonal promotion through missed call solutions and automated outbound solutions.

    Financial Service

    On a single dashboard, track and record calls, ensuring customer privacy. Set alerts, reminders, track, and promote your business with automated outbound solutions. In a click, contact the customers instantly through the click-to-call services keeping the data secure with the virtual numbers.

    Food & Beverages

    Enhance customer relations using automated booking and delivery processes. And on a single dashboard, track any volume of calls even, follow-ups to missed calls with hosted call center solutions. The Automated Speech Recognition takes orders and manages the call flow automatically through IVR.

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    Virtual Numbers are cloud-based phone number that is not associated with any particular location and generally used to divert the call to an assigned phone number(s). It provides a confidential communication environment to the caller and receiver through masking their identity during the phone call.

    There are lots of benefits of using a virtual number. Some of them are as follows:

    • Operators can control the calls anytime from anywhere,
    • Managers can forward the business calls to their phone numbers,
    • Coupling a virtual number with other services like outbound calls,missed call, solutions, and IVR solutions,
    • Stops the off-platform transactions by masking the contact numbers of both caller and receiver,
    • Above all, it can record the conversation during a call.

    Since a virtual number is not directly associated with a telephone line or any location. Such numbers work to forward calls to a designated phone number formatted by a person who holds the virtual number. On the other hand, the toll free number doesn’t let the callers bear any phone call charges. Also, the owner of the toll-free number incurs the fee of every arriving call. In addition to this, these numbers generally begin with 1800 and are eleven digits in total.

    You don’t need to worry about purchasing a virtual phone number with call recording software as VoIPTella is the best place to get such services. With the consent of a caller, all calls get recorded automatically. The service is cloud- based and can be tracked and recorded anytime.

    Since many services cloud telephony provides, among which call center solution. It is the most reliable option for call forwarding service for a startup. It lets you build a small call center on the cloud. Also, there is no need for physical space for startup businesses, and quite affordable. Based on technology, there is no need for an extra employee in your company to route the incoming calls to the available agents. Above all, irrespective of physical boundaries, everything is accessible anywhere from the cloud.

    Cloud Technology allows the users to access stored data in a virtual space through networks, in most cases, via satellite. Using it, VoIPTella offers you its services and makes your business available to operate from anywhere. As “On the cloud” means hosted, it is also another word for Hosted Technology.

    We at VoIPTella have several plans for a startup, among which you can get a free virtual phone number. During the early stage of your startup of 6 months, you can access a free virtual phone number and know more click here.- www.VoIPTella.com

    A VIP number is also known as Vanity Number, is a fancy number that is easy to remember. Usually, it comes with your desired set of digits or in a specified format that you’d prefer. Besides, you can get it through a small premium by paying a small amount of money.

    Yes! If you want to use bulk SMS service using your virtual number, you can do that. You can use your virtual number like any ordinary phone number.

    You don’t need to set up a virtual number in North America. All you have to do is contacting us at +1631 557 1989. And discuss the requirements that you want. The experts at VoIPTella will take care of everything and start receiving calls from your customers from anywhere.

    With a strong presence in North America, Europe, and Australia, VoIPTella serves 35 countries in the APAC region.

    It is quite simple to get a virtual number service outside North America. Connect with a representative at VoIPTella at the dedicated phone number for your region. And we make sure that you connect with the right people. Be it North American, Australia, UK, Mexico, and India. We serve you with a zeal to deliver you the best service in the world. Get in touch with us. Click here.here

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    We believe in delivering the utmost customer satisfaction through our services. And we are so sure of our services that we guarantee 100% refund when the customer is not satisfied with the services under 30 days of the purchase.

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    Hosted with AWS in many locations covering North America, our platform provides the full redundancy and failover, helping us to keep an outstanding 99.99% uptime all the time.

    All Packages include a  30-day money back guarantee.
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