Cloud-Based Phone System for Small Business

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Seamless interaction with customers is a pre-requisite for the success of any business. You need to provide your customers constant support and assistance to gain their trust. A reliable telecommunications provider can assist you in this. For businesses in the growing/developing stage, budget will be a major constraint. Here a cloud-based telecommunications system can be the life-saver. Low-cost and flexible, cloud-based phone system is an ideal choice for small businesses. 

With zero set-up costs and no minimum commitments, Voiptella can be easily adopted by businesses of any size. Choose the best cloud-based phone system for small business. Sign up for a free 7-day trial, today!  

What is cloud-based phone system? 

Cloud-based phone system allows you to make calls over the internet. You can make calls using your phone, laptop or computer. Receive/make calls from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection. Another advantage of cloud-based system is that the entire phone system will be managed off-site by the provider. This brings in considerable savings for businesses. They needn’t invest a huge amount on infrastructure and its maintenance. Voiptella provides the best cloud-based phone system for small business

Feature-rich phone system 

Apart from savings and flexibility, cloud-based phone systems also come with plenty of business-friendly features like call forwarding, call routing, IVR, call queue, voicemail transcription, personalized caller ID, audio/web conferencing, number masking etc. Improve your customer service with feature-rich virtual phone numbers from Voiptella. In addition to all these features, Voiptella also provides 24/7 technical support to assist you with any kind of technical issues that you might face while using our virtual numbers.  

You need a cloud-based virtual phone system for your business, if: 

  1. You are looking for a low-cost telecommunications system 

Cloud-based virtual phone system brings in savings for your business in many ways. Compared to traditional landlines, virtual numbers are much cheaper. All our subscription plans allow you to make unlimited calls using your virtual number. You need to pay only your internet charges. Since the whole system is hosted on the cloud, you are saved from the expense and hassle of setting up a system on your premises. For cloud-based systems all the maintenance work is carried out by the providers themselves, so businesses needn’t employ personnel for that purpose. 

  1. You have a remote workforce 

If your organization has a remote workforce, cloud-based system is your best telecommunication option. You can connect seamlessly with your employees even if they are spread out across the globe, if they have a steady internet connection. Conduct audio/web conferences and make sure that you are well-connected with your employees.   

  1. You are planning to expand your business 

Easy scalability is another advantage of cloud-based phone systems. They let you add any number of new lines or extensions to your existing connection seamlessly. With Voiptella, you needn’t pay any extra charges for increasing the number of lines. Pay-as-you-go option gives you the flexibility to pay according to your usage. We also provide the option to pay on a quarterly, semi-annual or yearly basis. 

  1. You want to set up different local area numbers 

Local area numbers can give your business the image of a neighbourhood organisation and increase its credibility. Small businesses can set up local numbers in any city without setting up offices in those locations. 

  1. You need to enhance brand image 

Choose an easy-to-remember virtual number from our huge inventory of toll free numbers and increase your brand recall. Vanity numbers which spell out your brand name or product/service that you offer, is a great marketing tool for your business. Enhance your brand image and improve your sales with custom numbers from Voiptella.   

  1. You need to be there for your customers round-the-clock 

Call forwarding and call routing features make sure that your customers are able to reach you with their concerns, round-the-clock. Call forwarding lets you forward calls to another number or voicemail. When an agent is busy or unavailable, the calls can be routed to another number. This reduces the waiting time for the customers. Voiptella’s smart IVR system helps you manage calls from clients without agent intervention. Pre-recorded messages guide the customers and help them resolve minor issues related to billing, registering complaints etc., by themselves. 

With plenty of useful features, cloud-based phone systems are becoming more and more popular with small businesses. Flexibility, affordability, scalability and reliability – do you need more reasons to choose Voiptella’s cloud-based phone system? Sign up for a 7-day free trial, now! http://voiptella.com/

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