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Modern world is shifting towards a remote work system. But at the same time, people are traveling more these days, for work and leisure. Different opportunities for people to stay connected while they are traveling have become a necessity. Mobile phones and emails come in handy here. But these channels have their limitations. Mobile phones require SIM cards. Emails may not be answered immediately. Virtual phone numbers overcome all these limitations. Wherever you are located, with virtual phone numbers, you are just a phone call away. Buy USA phone number from Voiptella and constantly keep in touch with your colleagues/clients.  

The remarkable versatility offered by virtual numbers is the primary reason for their growing popularity. Calls made using virtual numbers are much cheaper than conventional phone numbers, which make them a preferred choice for business as well as personal use. Buy USA phone number from Voiptella and enjoy the perks they bring along. 

Virtual phone numbers help you: 

  • Attend calls from any device and any location 
  • Forward calls to any destination 
  • Set up a number with local area code 
  • Rout calls to available and appropriate agents 
  • Track and record calls  
  • Reduce agent intervention by setting up IVR 
  • Set up custom messages and greetings 
  • Transcribe voicemail to text 
  • Conduct marketing campaigns 
  • Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns 
  • Conduct audio/web conferences 
  • Mask phone numbers for privacy 
  • Personalize caller ID settings 
  • Send SMS 
  • Initiate automated outbound calls 

The success of any business, big or small, depends on the effectiveness of communication with its customers. Businesses have to set up a communication channel through which customers can approach them with their queries and concerns. By using a virtual number, you can ensure that none of your customer calls go unanswered. Buy USA phone number from the best virtual number service provider in USA. 

Increase your accessibility and drive sales and revenue  

Even though mediums like email, SMS, chatbot, etc. exist, using which customers can reach out to businesses, the most preferred method is a phone call.  Talking directly to representatives of a business gives the customers added reassurance and increases their trust. Moreover, connecting on phone helps them resolve their issues faster than through email or SMS. Maintaining a happy customer base is something every business should strive for. Word-of-mouth publicity that your business gains through them is priceless. There are different means you can adopt to increase accessibility and drive sales.  

  • Toll-free virtual numbers 

A slightly better option than a normal virtual phone number is a toll free virtual number. In the case of toll free numbers, you are not only giving your customers easy access, but you are also providing them a cost-free method to contact you. The cost of both the incoming and the outgoing calls are borne by the businesses. This makes the customers feel valued. 

  • Vanity numbers 

Whether you choose a toll free number or a normal virtual number, Voiptella lets you choose an easy-to-remember number for your business. You can select your preferred number from a huge list of numbers. Toll free numbers which can be customized to spell your product or brand name are called vanity numbers. For example, if you are running a burger joint, you can have a vanity number like 1800-BURGER. Vanity numbers increase brand recall which will lead to an increase in sales and revenue. 

  • Click-to-call  

Click-to-call is a very effective tool for lead generation. By installing a click-to-call option on your website, you make sure that your potential customers can instantly connect with you if they are interested in your product or service. Click-to-call can be initiated through hyperlinks in emails, blogs etc. as well. They can act as a powerful tool to encourage immediate action. By handling the calls tactfully, you can even turn a casual visitor on your website into a potential customer.  

You don’t require deep technical knowledge to set up and use a virtual phone system. Since Voiptella’s virtual phone numbers are cloud-hosted, you can save on the setting up and maintenance costs as well. Moreover, virtual phone numbers don’t require specialized equipment. This and the fact that you can use virtual phone numbers with your existing broadband connection, adds to their popularity.  

Buy USA phone number from Voiptella- the trusted virtual phone number provider in the US. Visit us on http://voiptella.com/, to know more about our services.  

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