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Toll Free Number Solutions for Your Business

Let your customers connect with your business with a toll-free number stating 1800. Get a toll-free number USA or CANADA subscription from Voiptella and bear the cost for a free call; your customers don't have to pay for making a call. It paves a pathway to establish communication between you and customers. And facilitate the customers to connect with you without any hassle. By using Voiptella, the task to buy toll-free numbers are like buying your favourite chocolate.

Generate More Leads with Toll Free (1800 Number) Calls

See a significant increase in the number of the received call rate. And up to a 20% boost to your business pipeline.

Establish Brand Recall Value with Toll Free 1800 Number

The better brand recall value a business has, the higher its profit graph rises.So, impact on customer's mind with an easy to remember 1800 toll free numbers.

Deliver the Utmost Customer Satisfaction Via Toll Free Number Solutions

When you address the queries and concerns that a customer has without costing them a penny, they get the utmost satisfaction with your services.

Incorporate a Toll Free Number to Build New Markets

nstead of investing money on infrastructure, give your business wings to reach internationally with a toll free number.

Organize Marketing Campaigns with a Toll Free Number

Conduct quick surveys, get instant customer feedback, launch new products,and so on with 1800 toll free number solutions. Also, track the performance of your toll free numbers assigned to different markets.

Boost Business Credibility with the Help of a Toll Free Number

When you are available round the clock with your toll free 1800 number, the customer feels connected with you. Be a dependable service provider and rectify every small and big concern of your customers anytime.

How to get 1800 phone number?

A Toll-free number from Voiptella allows you to easily connect with customers all around the world. Having a toll-free number or 1-800 number for your business helps customers (and potential customers) get in touch directly with you for free. All of Voiptella’s business cloud IVR phone solutions come with toll-free phone number support. The solution to the question "How to buy 1800 number?" can be found in only a few steps - Choose Your free number from our vast inventory - Activate, it takes just 3 minutes - Start receiving calls and servicing your customers.

Easy CRM Integration

With easy integration of toll free numbers with all the leading CRM software,add customer data automatically.

Easy CRM Integration

With easy integration of toll free numbers with all the leading CRM software,add customer data automatically.

AI-Driven Auto Keyword Analysis

AI-enabled toll free number solutions help in finding the keywords to examine the nature of the conversation.

Set Call Duration

By setting up an average call duration, you can disconnect incoming calls automatically to reduce the telecom operator bills.

Whitelist & Blacklist

No worries about spamming, set caller preference, and prevent your toll free number from misuse by blocking the unwanted callers.

Auto Call Routing

Configure call timings, handle large call volumes, and direct the incoming all to your phone number after working hours.

How Businesses Are Getting Benefits of Toll Free Number Solutions

Industries of all verticals are getting benefits of implementing toll free number solutions and services.

DND Filtering/Scrubbing

Real Estate

With Voiptella's toll free number services, the real estate clients have noticed an increase in lead generation up to 40% by managing a relationship between their customers and business.

Live Analytics & Dashboard


With the tracking system that determines the lead's location and analyses the nature of the requirement. It helps to grow the business with a toll free 1800 number.

Online Classifieds


Record, track and analyze the data to get maximum output on the investment of your business. Many online realtors are using Voiptella's Toll Free Number Solutions to their lead generation.

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