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Voiptella presents the Best call conferencing service. Our feature-rich audio & web conferencing allows you to conduct your conference at ease. Simple and effective features that allow you to conduct your online meeting professionally and seamlessly. You can also record and archive your conference calls for future reference with our best call conferencing service . Free call conferencing services is an added advantage.


VoIPtella Call Conferencing Service is an easy-to-use tool with emerging technology, enhances your every call and allows you to conduct a seamless, more efficient and productive conference call. Host Your Audio & Web Conferencing Effortlessly from Beginning to End. Reliable. Secure. Flexible. Quality. On The Go. Try our best call conferencing service now!

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Once the conference call starts you can press *2 to record a conference. If you want to stop recording at any point, press *2 again to pause recording. Remember, these features are used while the conference call is taking place.

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Lecture Mode

When you press *5 you place the conference call on a lecture mode. It’s a feature that can be utilized only by the Moderator. This helps improve audio clarity, especially for larger calls. This will mute all the guests on the conference call. It is also called listen only mode. So you, as the moderator of the call, can talk without anyone’s interruption. To cancel the lecture mode press *5 again.

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When you press *6 you place yourself, as a participant, on mute. This feature can be utilized by all participants on the conference bridge. This mute feature can be used when you are on a conference call and are in a crowded or very noisy setting to eliminate the background noise in the conference bridge. It is very important that you have a clear, quality conference call, so this feature is crucial for any conference participant to use.

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Secure Conference

When you press *7 you place the entire conference call on a secure mode. When the conferencing is placed on a secured mode, no one else can join in the conference. You should place your conferencing on secure mode only after all the participants are in the conference call.

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Total Participant Count

When you press *8 you can find out how many people are participating in the conference call. This is an important feature especially when you have a secure conference and want to make sure that all the participants are on the call to avoid conference call, invaders or intruders.

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Hang-Up Conference

When you press * # it hangs up the conference call. Press 1 to end the conference call Press 2 to return to conference call

Best Conference Call Services That Gives A Boost Your Business

Voiptella Conferencing’s audio and web conferencing tools give you the freedom from unnecessary hassles, by bringing together all the communication needs under one roof. Empowering your corporate communication and enhancing your team bonding is one of the main focuses of Voiptella, providing best call conferencing service.

Best Call Conferencing Service
Best Call Conferencing Service

Secure, Reliable, and On-Demand Conference Call

Voiptella provides secure, reliable, and on-demand conference calling to individuals and businesses of all industries and sizes. With our feature rich bridge, you can secure your conference with a click of a button. With our state of the art technology and superior audio and web quality, we offer you easy to use, on-demand and most cost-effective conference calls without reservation. Our customers use our conference call services as soon as they sign up. There is no learning curve with our simple easy-to-use bridge, it is as easy as 1-2-3. Create your “3 for FREE online conference call” account today!


Secure Access

Voiptella Conferencing’s audio and web bridge is secured by the moderator who is conducting the calls. We offer our clients a unique PIN number for the moderator to use on all the features of the conference bridge including securing the bridge. You also have an option as the moderator to remove security from your conference call so anyone can join in the conference. Security of our bridge is one of our top priorities as an audio and web conferencing company. We want our clients to trust us and use our bridges without any worry about security among the participants. Once the security setting is done by the moderator, our clients will be at ease that what is being discussed on the bridge remains with the participants who are a part of that conference call.

Best Call Conferencing Service
Best Call Conferencing Service

Budget-Friendly Plans

Start using our conference service with a minimal budget. We have packages from 3 for free to more sophisticated plans for all different business needs. You can expand and get the next package as you expand your business. No annual contracts to sign and no commitment. We have high customer satisfaction which is our main priority and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Handle Your Business Conference Calls, From Anywhere, Anytime On Any Device.

Monitoring office phones and calls have never been this easy. Manage all your calls through the CDR (Conference Data Record) Portal offered by Voiptella Conferencing. We make it easy to connect with people any way they want. Meet as often as you like without any travel expenses incurred. Take the power wherever you go by handling your meetings and keeping everyone up to date, and investing more time in the development of the business.

Best Call Conferencing Service
Best Call Conferencing Service

Conversation On The Go

Voiptella Conferencing doesn’t bind you to any particular device, but gives you the freedom to access your account from any device, whether it be landline or mobile. We, at Voiptella Conferencing, make sure that our clients are able to make the most of both worlds and hence adapt to the fast-evolving changes in this technologically-advanced era. Conversations on the go with unlimited online meetings give our customers more time to meet prospective customers, less time to travel and makes closing the deal faster.

Pay As You Go Audio & Web Conference For All Budgets

Activate your account as “Pay-As-You-Go” with no-commitment billing for our value-seeking shoppers. Only pay for what you use each month.

We have adopted the meaning of flexibility into our business model by offering high-end flexibility to our clients when it comes to payments. Our clients are free to make payments on quarterly, semi-annual or yearly bases, along with the advantage of our attractive discount rates.

Best Call Conferencing Service
Best Call Conferencing Service

Unlimited Lines

We can offer you as small as a 3 line conference or 10, 100, 200, or more lines for a larger conference call. Before you conduct and announce your large conference to your participants, we suggest that you connect with our customer service department 24 hours in advance so we can allocate the necessary lines and make sure that our bridge can handle your conference size. There is no extra charge to using the lines. You pay as you go and as many lines as you need for your conference, provided that lines are available at the appointed time for your use.

Best Call Conferencing Service

Premium Voice Quality

Activate your account as “Pay-As-You-Go” with no-commitment billing for our value-seeking shoppers. Only pay for what you use each month.

There are more meetings than ever which are taking place online. During conference calls, the quality of the audio is the most crucial factor for having a flawless conversation and clear understanding of the conference meeting. Increased mobility of businesses and individuals, means more team meetings, online meetings vs boardroom meetings, and customer service. Crystal-clear audio quality paired with most up to date technology, provides a superior user experience, making every audio conferencing call more efficient and productive. We think that audio quality is the most important element in determining the success of an online conference. Poor quality can result in missed communication, lost productivity, and poor outcome. That’s why we, at Voiptella Conferencing make sure that our conference audio quality is at an optimum voice quality and that we provide the best conference experience possible.

All Packages include a 30-day money back guarantee.

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