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Improve Agent Productivity with a Progressive Auto Dialer Software

Introducing progressive dialer software improves agent productivity, enabling them to answer multiple calls rapidly.

Amplify Business Outcome via Progressive Dialer

An automated dialer software or progressive phone dialer software enhances the contact rates to meet your expected business outcome.

More Leads and Revenue

Don't waste time dialing the number. Talk to live prospects directly, give your sales a boost and generate revenue with progressive dialer software.

Outbound Calls Connectivity based on Agent and Lead Availability

Avoid answering machines, busy signals, and disconnected numbers of your leads. Connect a call when the agent is available to take it.

Save Agent Time and Increase Productivity

Save an agent's time by introducing the outbound calling process and make them more productive by utilizing their time accordingly.

Key Features

DND Filtering/Scrubbing

Customers won't get any update from your company once they use the DND Scrubbing service. It saves you from any compliance troubles.

Live Analytics & Dashboard

The Live Calls page shows Agent Type so that the customer can view the live dashboard while the agent is on a live call. Incorporated agents will be able to continue both inbound and outbound calls without much of a stretch.

Upload Phonebook

Automate the entire outbound calling process by uploading the phone book on your panel and use the data beforehand. It also saves time to feed phone number regularly that employs phone dialer services.

Campaign Logs

Get updates of your campaigns, running, complete, and paused all types of status. Use the Campaign Type filter to identify the campaign logs. Also, keep an eye on all the outbound call center-type campaigns.

Agents Summary

Change agents' availability status, type of call group, and type of agent (Inbound/outbound) with a singular dashboard on your progressive dialer software.

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Integrate Your Automated Dialer with Any CRM Solution

On CRM, the agents can view caller details for a live call. Through a pop-up, the CRM information for a specific customer appears on the dashboard so that the agent may aware of the customer details and provide more context.

See How An Automated Outbound Dialers Help Your Businesses Grow

Call Center

Outbound Auto Dialer Software builds a call center for an organization to process cold calling and inside sales of a product.

Banking Sector

In the banking sector, the chances of generating leads are very high, and progressive auto dialer software enhances the inside-sales productivity.

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