Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

Best Virtual Phone System for Small Business

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-Quick & easy set up 

-Zero set up fees 

-No cancellation charges 

-24/7 technical support 

-Subscription plans specially designed to cater to all budgets 

-30-day money back guarantee 

Read on to know more reasons why Voiptella is the best virtual phone system for small business.


Virtual phone number let you handle calls from anywhere in the world, using desktop app, mobile phone or tablet. This is especially beneficial for small businesses that have a remote workforce. Manage your calls seamlessly with a workforce that is spread all over the country. Since virtual numbers are not tied to any fixed line, agents can attend calls from any device which has an internet connection.  

With call routing and call forwarding features that come with Voiptella virtual phone number, you can be sure that you won’t miss any of your valuable business calls. Redirect your calls after business hours. If no agent is available to attend the calls, you can leave an automated greeting asking the callers to leave a voicemail or call during business hours. 


Voiptella’s IVR integrated phone system lets you interact with your customers through a series of pre-recorded messages. Customers can resolve minor concerns without agent intervention. The call will be routed to the agent only if it is required. Small businesses can manage their customer queries with limited agents, if they have an IVR system in place. The advent of cloud-based technology has made IVR cheaper and more accessible for small businesses.  

Businesses can set up local area numbers to cater to customers in different locations without setting up offices in those locations. Small businesses can thus expand their businesses, without huge infrastructure investment. Voiptella virtual number is your easiest way to set up a business number in any city of your choice. 

Increased agent productivity 

Voiptella offers you unlimited inbound and outbound call recording. Call recording and live call monitoring features help you analyse agent performance and suggest improvement measures. Depending upon the call history, location, and purchase history, Voiptella’s smart IVR system routs calls to appropriate agents. Thus ensuring that agents only receive calls that they are skilled to handle.  

Voicemail transcription feature that converts voice messages to text is another means to increase agent productivity. Predictive dialler dials a list of numbers and connects answered dials to free agents. This also has proven to enhance agent productivity immensely. 


You can maintain separate business and personal number on a single phone when you use virtual phone number. It is also possible to configure your caller ID settings according to your preferences with Voiptella. Number masking feature lets to hide the identity of the caller and the receiver. It helps you safeguard the privacy of your customers and prevent misuse of their information. Blacklist and block all unwanted calls and prioritize your valuable calls while using Voiptella’s virtual phone numbers. 

Greater customer satisfaction 

Feature-rich Voiptella virtual numbers reduce the waiting time for customers and provide them a quick resolution to their queries. Virtual numbers thus enhance customer satisfaction and add more and more loyal customers to your business. Virtual numbers with local area code give businesses greater credibility. Voiptella’s  smart IVR system helps you to connect a caller to the same agent repeatedly for better problem resolution and thus deliver utmost customer satisfaction. Good customer relationship is important for the success of any business. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of the best virtual phone system for small business. 

Flexible and reliable, virtual phone numbers are a boon to small businesses.  As with all automated systems, technical glitches are unavoidable in the case of virtual phone numbers as well. Voiptella’s cloud-based phone system is therefore the ideal option for small businesses which do not have a dedicated IT department or personnel to monitor the system. Apart from the flexibility and savings it brings in, Voiptella’s virtual numbers come with plenty of features that help small and medium enterprises in many ways. Our cloud-hosted virtual phone system is regularly updated and helps you stay current. With unbeatable outbound call rates, Voiptella provides you the best telecommunication solution at the best rates possible. Sign up for a free trial today

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