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Millions of enterprises are availing huge benefits of virtual number services

Transform More Leads

Never miss business leads with a virtual number. It routes your calls to the specific agent that helps you to generate leads. Also, manage your customer expectations effectively and drive conversion by closely tracking, recording, and responding to every incoming call.

Recognize Quality Leads

With the automatic keyword spotting feature, determine the caller sentiment and their rate conversations to classify leads by nurturing potential prospects and reducing churn.

Convert Mobile and Web Visitors Into Customers

Start receiving calls from the target audience by publishing your virtual number on the websites. By reducing the customer waiting time, improve the quality of services, and resolve the queries in real-time to convert more deals.

Handle Business Calls Anytime, Anywhere

The virtual number enables you with lots of flexibility to manage your business without any hassle. Forward your important calls to your phone number and manage the business flow anytime, anywhere

Protect Employee and Client Identity

By masking the phone number of the caller and receiver, a Virtual Number Solution secures the identity. It applies to both ends of the callers.

Enhance Agent Productivity

The top-notch and smartest technology-based call routing detects the idle agent and assigns the calls to them. It improves the productivity of an employee.

Let VoIPTella Help You

Rule the market with VoIPTella’s Virtual Number Solutions

Deep Analytics

From call to campaign reports, caller location to analytics, gather all data for inbound calls initiated from the website and business virtual number.

Smart Call Routing

Automatic redirection of the customer calls to the idle agent based on the caller location and history (Prioritizing call routing to regional agents).

All-Inclusive CRM Integration

VoIPTella virtual number integrates with all leading CRM Softwares. Create a customizable dashboard to sync customer information from scattered sources.

Multiple Call Handling

Handle up to 50 calls concurrently, and that too can increase by 80% with our virtual number solution without worrying about the peak hour call load.

Local and International

Do not restrain your business to local clients; make the world in your reach, avail local and international virtual phone numbers.

Effective 24*7 Support

Take the business to the next level, receive 24*7 support to function smoothly throughout the year. And represent the professional image of your business.

Hosted Services

Invest wisely! Avoid wasting money on infrastructure. Get VoIPTella's virtual number solutions to maintain IVR flow, promote CRM Integration, and facilitate APIs to deliver what a customer's business requires.

Support VOIP and PSTN Calls

Supporting the traditional PSTN calling worldwide, we incorporate VOIP calling for international markets.

Increase Productivity

VoIPTella's IVR automation, auto keyword spotting, and AI-based sensibility studies feature lets you save a lot of bandwidth.

Let VoIPTella Help You

Rule the market with VoIPTella's Virtual Number Solutions
  • Never miss a business lead.
  • Switch the same number for various transactions and save costs.
  • Map with your CRM.
  • Better conversion of mobile & web visitors.
  • Track every phone conversation.
  • Demonstrate to your supply-side allies the actual growth.
  • Track the traffic on every medium and determine ROI
  • Utilize a different virtual number for every single promotional campaign (digital, mobile, print, etc.) or location.
  • Use fancy and easy-to-remember VIP Numbers and bulk SMS service to grow your footprint.
  • Record call analytics for your numbers to optimize advertising spend and target audience.
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