Why You Should use Voiptella’s Smart IVR System

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Happy customers  Loyal customers 

Enhance your customer experience with Voiptella’s smart IVR solutions

What is an IVR system? IVR is an automated business phone system that enables you to interact with your customers through a series of pre-recorded messages which reduces the long waiting periods and helps your customers resolve their concerns faster, without any agent intervention. Adopt smart IVR system by Voiptella and unlock the myriad benefits it brings to your business. 

Affordable services– With cloud-based systems in place, IVR is not expensive anymore. Small and mid-sized businesses can easily opt for IVR without breaking their neck. Voiptella’s round-the-clock customer support also makes it ideal IVR system for small businesses which do not have a dedicated IT department or personnel to monitor the system. Voiptella’s cloud IVR solutions provide an up-to-date, cloud-based IVR experience that is supported and monitored 24/7. 

Slash your expenses– by helping the callers resolve minor issues through self-service options, IVR can cut down the number of calls agents have to answer, thereby bringing down labor costs. Enable your customers tackle minor issues like basic information, billing etc. through our cloud IVR solution without any assistance  

Customize call handling– Customize call handling during and after business hours with Voiptella’s smart IVR. With IVR, you can redirect your calls to a different number after business hours. Or if you do not have people to answer calls after business hours, you can leave an automated greeting asking them to leave a voicemail or to call again during business hours. 

Intelligent call routing– Rout the calls to your most skillful agents, who already have access to previous interactions, thereby adding a professional image to your business. Voiptella’s smart IVR system enables you to route your calls to an appropriate agent depending upon the call history, location, and purchase history. Redirection of calls is so quick that there is no waiting time. Moreover, IVR’s skill-based routing feature ensures that agents only receive calls they have the skills to handle.  

Assigned agent– Voiptella’s cloud IVR solution enables you to connect a caller to the same agent repeatedly for better communication and problem resolution and helps deliver utmost customer satisfaction. 

Manage large call volume– Handle large call volume effortlessly with Voiptella’s IVR system. Our cloud IVR solution is efficient enough to handle up to 50 phone calls concurrently. 

Provide personalized experience– Customize your cloud IVR system to offer personalized experience to your customers. Set up a cloud IVR call center system in regional languages with native dialects and accents, based on the geographic location and intelligently direct your calls to the local agents. A smart IVR system enables you to greet your customers by their names and predict the reason for the call, based on previous interactions. 

CRM integration– Voiptella helps you integrate IVR number with CRM and create a database by tracking details like call duration, time, caller details, caller location, and also the entire conversation 

Programmable extensions with multi-level IVR– Get a seamless IVR call flow through Voiptella’s IVR solution with multiple menus followed by sub-menu options. 

VIP IVR number– We provide a wide choice of easy-to-remember IVR numbers for your business. Choose a toll-free or virtual phone number from our vast pool of domestic and international numbers.  

Blacklisting– Block all unwanted callers through our hosted IVR. Prioritize the valuable calls and customers with Voiptella’s smart IVR system

Ideal for remote workforce– IVR system is ideal if you have a remote workforce. IVR can forward calls to your agents’ numbers. Your agents can attend calls from anywhere in the world. Give your employees the flexibility needed to work from different locations. 

The possibilities are virtually endless! 

Use our smart IVR technology to improve your service quality. Since the IVR is an automated process, it is not prone to errors. Unlike during manual handling of calls, in IVR there are no possibility of mistakes or being overwhelmed by high call volumes. Enhance your customer experience and, at the same time, make your agents’ life much easier. Voiptella provides you multiple opportunities to personalize your IVR interactions with your callers. A positive customer experience is integral for the success of any business. Happy customers often turn out to be loyal customers who in turn will be the most influential campaigners for your business.  

Take your business to another level with Voiptella’s IVR integrated phone system – Sign up now – https://www.voiptella.com/

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