Why do you need virtual phone numbers?

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Why do you need virtual phone numbers? 

Virtual phone numbers which offer greater flexibility and savings over traditional phone numbers are beneficial for start-ups, SMEs and big enterprises alike. With virtual phone numbers, start-ups and SMEs get a cheaper and flexible phone system for their business and big organizations can manage their telecommunications more efficiently with feature-rich virtual phone system. 

Easy access 

With virtual phone numbers, you are not bound to any particular location. Access your phone number on your mobile phone or laptop from anywhere in the world. Virtual numbers allow individuals the flexibility of working from different locations. The same number can be accessed by multiple users from multiple locations. Alternately, a single person may use multiple numbers on the same device.  

No more hardware hassles 

For virtual phone numbers which can be accessed through phone, laptop or desktop, you needn’t have a dedicated device to make/receive calls. Earlier, businesses had to invest huge amounts for setting up and maintaining on-premise telecommunications systems. The emergence of cloud-based systems has helped in making telecommunications systems more flexible and cost-efficient. Voiptella’s cloud-based service saves you the cost of setting up and maintaining expensive hardware. If you have a laptop, tab, or mobile phone with a steady internet connection, you are good to go. Save on huge infrastructure investments by adopting Voiptella’s cloud-based phone system. 

No more unanswered calls 

Be available for your customers round-the-clock. Advanced features like call routing, call forwarding and IVR system ensures that you do not miss a single valuable call from your customers. Call forwarding feature helps you redirect calls from one number to another, while call routing helps you distribute calls to available agents. Using IVR system, you can set up  pre-recorded messages. Customers can handle minor concerns like bill payments, complaint registration etc., themselves without agent intervention with the pre-recorded messages of IVR. Tap every opportunity and maximise conversion with Voiptella’s virtual phone numbers. 

Get a local presence in any city 

Improve customer relations without incurring additional expenses by using virtual numbers with local area codes. You can establish a local presence in any city of your choice without setting up offices in those locations. It is also possible to set up an IVR system with pre-recorded messages in regional accents. A local area number can increase your customer’s trust in your organisation. 

Keep your personal and business numbers separate 

Get a virtual number for your business and access it on your mobile phone. You can make/receive both your personal and business calls on the same device and at the same time keep your personal number private. Virtual numbers also allow you to track and record your business calls easily. An analysis of these calls can help you understand customer preferences better and thereby improve customer experience. 

Virtual phone numbers for start-ups and SMEs 

Cost is a major concern for start-ups and SMEs. Traditional phone system which has a high cost of setting up and maintenance would be a burden for them. Flexibility that comes with virtual phone numbers are a boon to businesses who are in the growing stage. Small businesses which have a remote workforce can use virtual phone numbers to connect with their customers seamlessly. By being there for the customers round-the-clock, businesses can provide better customer experience and gain customer loyalty. Voiptella lets you choose an easy-to-remember number from a huge list of numbers. Vanity numbers that spell the brand/product name can be a great marketing tool for your business. 

Virtual phone numbers for big enterprises 

Advanced business-friendly features that come with virtual phone numbers help big enterprises manage their customer interactions and streamline their businesses. Voiptella’s IVR integrated virtual phone numbers can handle up to 50 calls concurrently. Features like call queue and voicemail transcription can help improve agent productivity and the overall call center performance 

Voiptella provides you 20 plus advanced features with virtual phone numbers. Our subscription packages are designed keeping in mind the requirements of businesses of all sizes. You can easily add any number of new lines to your existing phone system as your business grows and expands, at no additional cost. Sign up for a 7-day free trial, today! 

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