VoIP Phone System for Small Business

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VoIP technology has brought in a paradigm shift in the telecommunications sector. Short for Voice over internet protocol, VoIP is the method of transmitting calls over IP network. More and more people are adopting this new age system because of its myriad benefits. Apart from being a cost-effective system, VoIP phone systems have many business-friendly features that make them an ideal choice for small businesses.    

Smart IVR– IVR is an automated system that facilitates interaction with customers through a series of pre-recorded messages. Customers can resolve minor issues related to billing, service request etc. without agent intervention.  Set up custom messages to greet your customers and make them feel valued. With IVR, calls can be redirected to a different number outside business hours. IVR also lets you rout calls to appropriate agents based on call history, location etc.  

Distributed call center– A distributed call center is one in which employees work from different locations. This system ideal for small businesses which have a remote workforce. Employees have the flexibility to work from different places. It will also save the expense of housing the entire workforce in a single location. Check out the budget-friendly plans which make Voiptella the perfect VoIP phone system for small businesses. 

Progressive auto-dialer– Progressive dialer initiates outbound calls automatically when agents are available. The calls are handed to the agent only after it is answered. This enables agents to answer multiple calls rapidly and thereby increase agent productivity. Boost your sales and increase revenue with progressive auto-dialer software from Voiptella- the best VoIP phone system for small business. 

Number masking– It is a very useful security feature that Voiptella offers its customers. You can hide the numbers of the caller and the receiver. Separate virtual numbers are assigned to both the parties to protect their privacy. Number masking prevents misuse of private information. Secure the identities of your customers and agents without upsetting the smooth interaction between them, through number masking.   

Outbound call service– Place automated concurrent outbound call blasts on your target customers with outbound calling solutions from Voiptella. Place concurrent calls for telemarketing, tele-sales, collection etc. Increase connect rates and also agent productivity. Save money and time by automated outbound calling services from Voiptella- the best VoIP phone system for small business. 

Conferencing– Conduct meetings seamlessly and keep your team always updated through audio and web conference service offered by Voiptella. Your team can attend conference calls from any location if they have a stable broadband connection. High call quality and security guaranteed! 

E fax– E fax feature allows you to send and receive documents over the internet. Huge files and sensitive information can be transferred over the internet with the help of a cloud-based fax service provider. Web based faxing is cost-efficient and easy to set up. You don’t need to buy and maintain bulky fax machines. Send or receive fax from your desktop or mobile app. Go paperless and reduce your carbon footprint! 

Click to call– Click-to call option lets your customers reach you easily while they are browsing your website. Click-to-call can also be initiated through hyperlinks placed in emails, blogs etc. It is a proven fact that your customers have a high chance of calling you if you provide a click-to-call option. These calls are extremely important for your business as it is from your existing or potential clients. Placing a click-to-call button is a very effective means to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.  

Messaging– Send text messages using your virtual number. You can send text messages from your desktop or mobile app. With VoIP texting you can send messages to hundreds of people at one go. The cost involved here is much less than that of traditional mobile phone messages. SMS service can be utilized for marketing campaigns or for sending emergency alerts. Sign up for a free trial and get to know more about the best VoIP phone system for small businesses. 

Missed call service– A missed call can be utilized in many ways. Conduct quick polls or collect feedback at zero cost to the customers through a missed call. You can let your customers request for a call back by giving a missed call. Missed call services can also be utilized to let your customers opt in or out of marketing campaigns.  

The expenses involved in setting up and maintaining an on-premise system might be a matter of concern for small businesses. With cloud-based services from Voiptella, you don’t need to worry about huge setting up cost anymore. We also provide 24/7 technical support to assist you with any technical issue that you might have.  

Feature-rich and flexible, virtual phone system can do wonders for your business. With Voiptella, small businesses now have access to the best VoIP phone system at an affordable cost. Avail the services of the best virtual number provider for small businesses. Sign up for a free trial! http://voiptella.com/

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