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Adopting new technology has never been easier! 

Buy virtual phone number from the best virtual number service provider  

Virtual numbers are growing in popularity because of the immense benefits it brings in for both small and big enterprises. Even though it offers unparalleled flexibility and savings, some people are reluctant to embrace this new-age technology. Let’s attempt to answer a few common queries that people have regarding virtual phone numbers. 

What is the difference between virtual and regular phone numbers? 

Traditional phone numbers are bound to specific devices and locations. Virtual phone numbers provide you all the features of a traditional number without keeping you bound to a specific location. They don’t require a physical connection. Calls are made over the internet. They offer you the flexibility of making/receiving calls from anywhere in the world using any device like your desk phone, cell phone or laptop. The flexibility it offers makes virtual numbers a great option for businesses with a remote workforce.  

Are virtual numbers expensive? 

Virtual numbers are much cheaper compared to traditional landlines. You don’t have to bear the expense of setting up and maintaining physical lines or other expensive equipment. Call costs are also much cheaper than that of regular phones.  Voiptella’s cloud-based phone system offers many business-friendly features like call forwarding, call routing, IVR, number masking, voicemail transcription, personalized caller ID etc.  

Can I port my existing phone number to get a virtual number? 

Adopting new technology has never been easier. Voiptella lets you port your existing phone number to get a virtual number. Keep your existing phone number and ensure seamless interaction with your customers. You can also choose from a wide range of easy-to-remember numbers. 

What are vanity numbers? 

Vanity numbers are a special set of phone numbers which can spell your product/brand name. For example, a cab service company can have a number like 1800- TAXI. These numbers increase your brand recall and are immensely valuable for your business. 

Can I use virtual number on my mobile phone? 

Virtual calls which are transmitted over the internet, can be used on multiple devices like mobile phone, computer etc. You just need a steady internet connection and you are good to go. By using a virtual number for your business, you can separate your personal cell phone number and your business number. 

How can virtual numbers help expand my business? 

Create business presence in a foreign country using virtual phone numbers. Your customers/clients can call you from anywhere in the world without paying huge international calling charges. Any number of new virtual lines can be added easily depending on the growth of your business. You can also assign different virtual numbers for each of your different marketing campaigns. This way you can track the progress of the campaigns easily. 

Can I get a virtual number with local area code? 

Yes, Businesses can create a local presence with a virtual number which has a local area code. Customers tend to place extra trust on businesses when they see a local number.  

Can I send and receive SMS using virtual number? 

You can send and receive SMS using a virtual phone number. Send messages to large groups of people or message your contacts one by one by enabling text messages on your virtual number. 

Can I record calls that are made using virtual number? 

Yes, both inbound and outbound calls made using virtual numbers can be recorded. An analysis of these calls can help you understand customer preferences and enhance agent productivity. 

What is voicemail-to-email service? 

This is an added feature of Voiptella’s virtual phone number service. Calls can be redirected to voicemail, outside business hours. The voicemail messages are then transcribed to text and send to your mail. This helps save time and increase agent productivity. 

What is cloud-based PBX system? 

Hosted PBX or cloud-based PBX is a cloud-hosted platform that facilitates easier and cost-effective communication. PBX which is short for private branch exchange, is a business phone system used within an organization to communicate internally as well as externally. With limited number of external lines which can be connected to individual extensions internally, it facilitates free internal communication. 

Can I buy a virtual phone number? 

Virtual numbers are easy to set up. With no set-up fees or other obligations, Voiptella makes your transition to virtual numbers hassle-free. Virtual phone numbers come with a host of interesting features. Identify your requirements and look for a trusted service provider. Sign up for a 7-day free trial with Voiptella to get a real-time experience of our services.  

Voiptella provides the best cloud-based telecommunication services at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Sign up or a 7-day free trial, now!

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