Virtual meetings are the new normal!

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Avail audio/web conferencing services from Voiptella.

Regular team meetings, project updates, training sessions or communication with employees working from different locations- collaborate with your colleagues seamlessly through conference calls. Conduct highly productive meetings over the internet through audio/web conferencing tool from Voiptella. 

Conference calls provide an extremely flexible and convenient way of collaborating with your team mates. In Voiptella’s audio/web conference call, you can share your data with everyone and record the entire meeting. With 24/7 customer support and crystal-clear voice quality, Voiptella’s conference calls are an ideal way of conducting business meetings. 

Affordable and cost-effective 

Voiptella offers you cost-effective audio and web conferencing services. Our budget-friendly plans are specially designed to suit the requirements of businesses of different sizes. We have different packages, starting from a basic ‘3-for-free’, to suit different business requirements. We also provide our customers the flexibility of upgrading their opted conference package according to their needs.   

Flexible way to stay connected  

Since the calls are transmitted over the internet, the participants can attend the call from any location, provided they have a steady internet connection. Call conferencing is especially useful for businesses with a remote workforce. Keep connected with your employees or your clients who may be located in different parts of the world. Attendees also have the flexibility of attending calls on their desktop, laptop or mobile phone.  

Save money and time 

With flexibility comes in considerable savings as well. Since Voiptella’s conference call tool offers the flexibility of attending from any location the attendees are stationed, they can save the money spend on travelling. By making use of conference call facility, it’s not only monetary savings that they have, but precious productive time can also be saved. Lesser the time wasted on travel, more time you get for other productive work. Save time spend on travelling and invest more time in developing your business. Sign up for a free trial, today! 

Secure conferences 

We take extra care to offer our clients maximum security. Participants can join the meeting by using a unique PIN number that will be shared by the moderator. Matters discussed during the meetings will remain within the group. Participants can freely discuss all confidential matters without the fear that inside information might be leaked. However, the moderator can also remove security from the bridge so that anyone can join the conference. 

 Premium voice quality 

Call quality is of extreme importance for conference calls. Always make sure to choose a provider who doesn’t compromise on call quality. Voiptella promises you crystal clear audio quality to make your calls productive and efficient. We have added a couple of features like ‘lecture mode’ and ‘mute/unmute’ options to ensure superior user experience. The lecture mode feature can be used by the moderator. By turning on ‘lecture mode’, the moderator can mute all the participants on the call. This way the moderator can talk without any interruption from the participants. This feature is especially useful during calls with a large number of participants. The mute/unmute option can be used by all participants on the conference bridge. If any of the participants happen to be in a noisy room during the call, he/she can mute herself/himself and cut off the background noise. 

Voiptella provides you a call conferencing tool that is easy to use. You can record your entire conference at the click of a button. Record and archive your conference calls for future use. By checking the total participant count you can ensure that only invited members have attended the conference. Participants have the option to hang up the call or to leave the call for a short while and re-join later, in case the need arises. By activating the pay-as-you-go option, customer’s get the option to pay as per their usage. The payments can be made on quarterly, semi-annual or yearly basis. 

Conduct your audio/web conferences effortlessly with feature-rich call conferencing tool from Voiptella. Cut down your travel expenses without compromising on productivity. Improve team bonding through regular meetings and keep your team, colleagues, superiors and clients updated, wherever they are. Connect across geographical boundaries seamlessly with audio/web conferencing tool offered by Voiptella. Start your 7-day free trial today! 

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