Things to consider when you buy a toll free number in USA

buy usa toll free number

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Choose wisely, choose Voiptella

Toll free numbers are an asset to your organization and when used appropriately, can immensely benefit your business. Irrespective of the size of your business, opt for a custom toll free number to give your business a professional image. By adopting a toll free number, you are offering your customers an added incentive to call you. Toll free numbers enhances your customer experience and increases the credibility of your business. Buy toll free number from the best toll free number provider in USA, Voiptella. 

Toll free numbers act as an excellent communication channel and a very effective marketing tool. Education, ecommerce, healthcare, mass media, real estate financial services, food and beverage- whichever industry you belong to, Voiptella offers customizable telecommunications services to engage with your customers better and at the same time, increase your agent productivity. 

Buy USA toll free number. Sign up for a 7-day free trial with Voiptella! 

If you own a small or medium enterprise, a toll free number can help you gain new customers and scale your business. On the other hand, if your business is a well-established one, having a toll free number can be a means of thanking your customers and gaining their loyalty. Whatever be the size of your organization, the best toll free number provider in USA is there to assist you. 

With many service providers in the market offering toll free numbers, choosing the right service provider might seem confusing. No one knows our business better than you. Before you set out to buy a toll free number, make sure to list down your priorities and requirements. This will help you identify the type of services you need and choose service plans accordingly.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are seeking to buy usa toll free number.

Reliable service provider– Reliability of the service provider can be gauged from customer reviews. Do a little bit of research about the service provider to assess the quality of services they provide, before you buy a toll free number in USA. You can also opt for a free trial for a limited period to get a taste of their services. Although you may never have to use it with a trusted service provider, ensure that your provider offers you flexible number porting facility. All our packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  

Pricing– Pricing is another integral part to take care of while looking for a toll free number. Voiptella offers you many affordable plans to choose from. You can easily scale up or down depending on your requirements. We offer the best toll free service at the most affordable price in the market today.  

Features– Toll free numbers come with many integrated features like call recording, call routing, IVR, voicemail transcription, personalized caller id etc which can greatly impact your productivity and customer experience. Voiptella offers you 20 + additional features like these with no additional cost.   

Technical support– Unexpected technical glitches in the system can disrupt your business. So, make sure that you choose a service provider who can provide consistent, dependable maintenance services. Voiptella offers 24/7 technical support and ensures that your telecommunications system works seamlessly. Avail the services of the best toll free number provider in USA. 

Choose the right number– Choosing the right number is yet another crucial factor to keep in mind when you buy toll free number in USA. You have to go for a number that can be easily memorized by your customers. Toll free numbers often tend to get associated with your brand. This will help in establishing a brand identity and creating a brand recall value. If your budget allows, you can even choose a vanity number. Vanity numbers are numbers that can represent your brand name or the product/service that your business is trying to market. For example, 1800-PIZZA for a pizzeria. Vanity numbers look very attractive to customers and results in higher lead generation.  

Do not compromise when you have the best service within your reach. Contact us for a 7-day free trial, today! 

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