VoIPTella's Cloud IVR System

Escalate Lead Generation through Cloud-Hosted IVR System

With our Cloud IVR solution, address callers by the names and route them to an appropriate agent depending upon the call history, location, and purchase history.

Build an Authentic Professional Image for Your Business

The VoIPTella's hosted IVR system responds to every client query and handles it professionally. Redirection of calls to the concerned department or agent is so quick that there is no waiting time. IVR call center number offers you a highly organized business communication system.

Uplift Agent Productivity

Enable customers to tackle frequent queries like basic information, billing through our cloud IVR solution without any assistance. Resolve all minor issues without introducing an agent to a call and let them invest their precious time to fix more complex problems.

Handle a Large Call Volume through VoIPTella's IVR System

No matter how many calls lend during peak hours, our cloud IVR solution is efficient enough to handle up to 50 phone calls concurrently.

Customize Client Experience as Per Demand Using Personalized IVR Call Center System

How the best IVR solution technology in North America improves customer experience

In recent years, Cloud IVR solution technology in North America has improved exponentially and delivered the utmost customer satisfaction.Though personalized IVR call center, greeting a customer by their name is easy and impresses the caller. Also, based on the previous interaction, IVR predicts the reason for receiving a phone call. There is no need to waste time going through the complicated menu. IVR directs you to the right menu.

Build a cloud IVR call center system as per your needs in regional languages. And that too with native dialects and accents based on the geographic location and intelligently direct them to the local agents.

Cloud Hosted IVR Solutions and Its Features

24*7 Accessible IVR Service Provider System

Offer the quickest and continuous customer support. On non-working hours and off days, get all customer messages on voicemail. Never miss a chance to generate a business lead using VoIPTella's cloud IVR solutions.

Real-Time Reports, Call Recording, and Analytics

From maintaining call logs to recording calls and knowing the status of phone calls, cloud IVR service makes everything easy. Also, use the data for your CRM or internal training purposes.

Time-Based Call Routing

IVR Call Center system enables routing every call to the agents' mobile or activates voice messaging beyond working hours.

Programmable Extensions with Multi-Level IVR

Get a sophisticated IVR call flow through our IVR solution with multiple menus followed by sub-menu options.

Simple CRM Integration

Create your database by saving details like call duration, time, caller details, caller location, and the conversation. Just integrate the IVR number with your CRM.

VIP IVR number

Easy to remember IVR Number option. From a pool of domestic and international, get a toll-free and virtual phone number on your demand.

Assigned Agent

VoIPTella's cloud IVR solution enables a feature to connect a particular caller to the same agent for making the communication better and deliver the utmost customer satisfaction.


Block all unwanted callers through our hosted IVR and prioritize the valuable calls and customers.
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