Reasons Why You Should Buy Toll Free Number For Your Business in USA

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Let us assist you to assist your customers better 

Buy USA toll free number from the best toll free number provider in USA 

Enhance your customer experience, provide a caring image to your brand and give your business that extra fire of professionalism. 

Get a USA toll free number from Voiptella and set up seamless communication with your customers.  

  • Education- introduce automated communication between faculty and students/parents. 
  • Ecommerce- reach out to your customers and send customized payment reminders. 
  • Healthcare- be always ready to help your patients with hosted call center solutions. 
  • Mass Media- gather client data for marketing campaigns and analyze ROI with missed call solutions. 
  • Real Estate- with automated personalized outbound communication, track, record, and manage inbound queries. 

  • Financial Service- set alerts, reminders, track, and promote your business with automated outbound solutions. 
  • Food & Beverages- enhance customer relations using automated booking and delivery processes. 

Whichever industry you are in – we offer customizable telecommunications services for you 

With Voiptella toll free numbers 

  • Engage with customers 24/7 

With toll free numbers you can be available to your customers even after office hours.  

  • Increase customer satisfaction 

Enhance customer experience by enabling customers to reach out to you without any cost. Your customers don’t have to think twice before connecting with you to seek the help they require. 

  • Improve sales 

Potential customers are more likely to call you with a toll free number which is free and also easy to remember. This gives you an opportunity to connect with more people and convert them into your customers. 

  • Build brand identity 

The 1800 numbers are easy to recall and with the right advertising it often gets associated with the brand. Toll free numbers add a professional touch to your business and gives it more credibility. 

  • Increase brand recall 

Toll free numbers are easy to remember, making it a great marketing tool for your business. Advertisements with toll free numbers get more attention. 

  • Track marketing campaigns 

By collecting customer feedback through toll free numbers, it is easy to track effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

What we offer 

  • Smart IVR- Our IVR system is efficient enough to handle up to 50 phone calls concurrently. Redirection of calls to the concerned department or agent is so quick that there is hardly any waiting time for the customers. 
  • Number masking- Safeguard the privacy of your customers and prevent misuse of their private information. 
  • Outbound call service- Connect with your customers better and increase agent productivity through automated dialer, SMS and outbound IVR. 

  • Conferencing – Host audio and web conferences effortlessly. Record and archive your conference calls for future reference. 

Improve your customer experience and build loyalty. Buy 1800 number USA today. 

Best toll free number service for small business  

The benefits of a toll free number far outweighs the cost involved.  

Toll free numbers help small businesses widen their customer base. An 1800 number gets more calls than a non-toll free number.  

Integrating IVR systems with toll free numbers help in setting up a smooth and effective communications system. Set up personalized greetings using IVR. You can also present your customers with self-help options, thereby limiting the number of human staff required. With specially designed toll free numbers which are called vanity numbers, brands can increase their recall value. Vanity numbers can be customized to spell your brand name which will increase your brand recall value. 

We bring you telecommunication services at the most affordable rates. Shop for the best deal with the best toll free number service provider in USA 

How can I get a toll free number in USA?  

  • Choose your toll free number from our vast inventory 
  • Choose a plan   
  • Activate in just 3 minutes 
  • Start receiving calls from your customers 

Still confused? Give us a call and we’ll explain the plans that best suits your business.  

Connect with your customers, with 1800 numbers .

Toll free numbers help you expand your customer service reach across the country without on-site infrastructure investment. It helps you enhance your customer service by staying in touch with the existing customers and making it easy for new customers to reach you. Toll free numbers help businesses to maximize the call volume, drive better sales and improve retention rate. They can be utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of web pages, promotional campaigns and other marketing strategies adopted by organisations. 

If you want to be there for your customers round the clock, buy USA toll free number, now! 

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