Phone Number Masking- The Best Way to Safeguard your Customer’s Identity

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Phone number masking or call masking is a very useful safety feature that ensures data protection during customer interactions. It works by hiding the actual phone numbers of the callers and/or the receivers. Customers can freely interact with agents without the fear of sensitive information getting leaked. Give your customers a secure experience and gain their loyalty through Voiptella’s phone number masking services. Sign up for a 7 day free trial, today! 

With phone number masking, you are cutting off direct contact between the caller and the receiver. Instead, they are connected through a proxy phone number from the service provider. By adopting phone number masking services, businesses are protecting the privacy of both their agents and their customers.

Other than safeguarding the privacy of your callers, phone number masking also helps in preventing data leakage. You will have complete control over your customer details. You will be able to decide who can view your customer details and who cannot. You can assign role-based access to the information. By hiding the contact details of both the parties you are eliminating the chance of either parties directly contacting the other, afterwards. 

How phone number masking works? 

  • Customer places a call through a mobile or web application. 
  • The phone call reaches Voiptella’s cloud-based server 
  • The real phone number gets associated with a temporary virtual number 
  • Call is transferred to the receiver to facilitate a smooth conversation  
  • All the caller’s issues will be addressed without revealing the caller’s actual number 
  • Once the conversation is over the number can be reassigned and used for another call 

Different businesses which can use call masking 

Call center– Number masking can be used in call centers to mask the identity of the speaker and the receiver. The agents can converse with the customers anonymously to address their issues. Callers can freely raise all their concerns without worrying about privacy issues. 

Cab service– Facilitate smooth interaction between cab drivers and the customers without revealing the details of the driver or the caller to each other.  The drivers can contact the customers if required and reach the destination on time. Number masking safeguards the privacy of both the parties. In this way no one will be able to misuse the personal numbers after the ride is over. Businesses can track and monitor the driver-customer calls and eliminate the possibility of any crime or fraud. 

Vendor-customer interaction– Customers can talk to vendors over the phone through proxy numbers assigned by the service providers. Customers can discuss their needs without worrying about receiving unnecessary calls and messages on their personal numbers from the vendors. 

Food delivery-   Connect the customers with the food delivery agents without revealing their personal contact details. 

Added perks of Voiptella’s phone number masking services 

Cloud-based IVR call center system– Build a personalized cloud IVR system in regional languages. You can even personalize your IVR messages in native dialects and accents according to different geographic locations. Using Voiptella’s smart IVR system, you can rout your calls to local agents. All these can help you in strengthening the trust that your customers place on your business.  

Call tracking and monitoring- By implementing phone number masking, it is easier to track and monitor your calls. Track, record and constantly monitor all your incoming and outgoing calls. The insights that you gain by analysing the calls can be used to gauge the performance of the agents and can be utilized for training purposes. They can also be utilized to understand the market trends and increase your conversion rate. 

Data insights– When you use Voiptella’s phone number masking solution, you get a customized dashboard with several actionable insights based on call logs. This helps you improve agent productivity and enhance customer experience. 

Use phone number masking services from Voiptella to gain a competitive edge. Phone number masking services could become a major differentiator between you and your competitors. By safeguarding the privacy of your customers, you give out the impression of a dependable and responsible organization. It can help you gain the loyalty of your customers and also attract more customers to your business. Contact us for 7-day free trial. 

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