What is Number Masking ?

Phone Number Masking or Call Masking Services safeguards your business from exchanging personal contact numbers between customers and agents. It helps to prevent the misuse of their personal information by making phone calls via virtual phone numbers.

How Do Phone Number Masking Services work?

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Caller Initiates a Call

Either the app or website, a single click on the 'Click To Call' widget initiates your call to establish a connection between caller and receiver.

Masking Mobile Numbers

Your request to initiate the call between the receiver and caller reaches VoIPTella. The server connects the caller to the receiver.

Connecting Caller and Receiver

Your calls get connected, protecting the privacy of the Caller and Receiver by masking their phone numbers.

Various Industries Using Number Masking Solutions in North America

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Food Delivery Portals

It makes it easy to connect a customer with a delivery agent without letting him know the personal contact details and access their live order updates thoroughly. In the same way, the delivery agent gets directed by the customer using the virtual number.

Cab Aggregators

By connecting a call right through the app, a customer gets in touch with the assigned driver without showing the details between them. Making it simple for the driver to reach the location and saving time, masking phone number helps in privacy. In this way, no one can misuse the information.

Online Classifieds

Establish a phone call between customers and vendors using a phone number masking service through a virtual number. They can discuss the needs without worry about receiving unnecessary messages and call on their numbers.

Perks of Phone Number Masking Solutions

Safeguard Privacy

Businesses can use phone number masking services to ensure smooth connectivity. In this, neither the caller nor the receiver gets the personal contact details. So, there is no chance of misuse of their information..

Call Tracking and Monitoring

Be it training purposes or development purposes. You can record all incoming and outgoing calls between the customer and the agent. Moreover, tracking a call is possible by implementing the phone number masking system.

Data Insights

Utilizing VoIPTella's phone number masking solution, get a customized dashboard along with several actionable insights based on the call logs. It can enhance the experience of monitoring the agents' performance to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction.
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