How does cloud-based PBX system work? 

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PBX or Private Branch System is a business phone system used within an organization. Cloud PBX systems can be used to communicate internally as well as externally. With limited external lines which can be connected to individual extensions internally, they facilitate free internal communication. PBX systems also come with features like call routing, auto attendant, call transfer, call queue etc.     

Traditionally available as on-premise services, with the advent of cloud-based technology, PBX systems are now available on cloud. Cloud-based PBX provides you the all the features of an on-premise PBX, sans the huge infrastructure investment and maintenance cost required for the latter. Avail PBX services from Voiptella- the best cloud PBX providers . 

For cloud-based PBX system no on-site equipment is needed except physical phones and broadband connection. The company offering the services does the hosting and the maintenance of the phone system and provides the service virtually over the internet.   

When you place calls using a cloud-based PBX system, your Voip device converts it into data packets which are carried over to the service provider. If required, this is transferred to a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Once the data packets reach the destination, they are converted back into sound. The whole process happens in milliseconds.   

Hosted PBX/virtual PBX/cloud-based PBX is a new-age cloud platform that facilitates easier and cost-effective communication. Apart from affordability, cloud-based PBX systems have a host of other advantages.   

Monthly subscription– Cloud-based PBX system is the perfect solution for small businesses. The cost involved in setting up and maintenance had kept it out of reach of small businesses earlier, but now, cloud-based technology has made PBX systems affordable. With a monthly subscription, businesses of all sizes can now experience the benefits of PBX systems. Hosted PBX lets you increase your call capacity according to seasonal increase in your business. Cloud PBX system also offers you the option of paying according to your usage. 

Communication across borders– It facilitates seamless communication across borders and multiple devices. Through VoIP calls which are transmitted over the internet, businesses can evade international calling charges.   

Off-site hosting– The entire system is managed by the provider off-site and so there is no need to have dedicated staff for the purpose. Save space as well as the cost of hardware installation by using cloud-based phone system for small business.   

24/7 tech support-A reliable provider who offers 24/7 support will take care of any technical issues that might arise in the system. Free yourself from the hassle of maintenance by using cloud PBX software.   

Scalability-Businesses can scale up according to their needs, without any additional cost. Add additional lines to your subscription or add/remove extensions according to the changing business requirements with cloud based phone system for small business from Voiptella. 

Flexibility-Calls can be routed easily to the intended parties wherever they are. It can be routed directly to their voicemail or mobile numbers, thereby ensuring that employees don’t miss any important call/message even when they are travelling.  The cloud-based PBX system lets you connect your remote workforce through a central phone system hosted securely in the cloud.    

Stay current- A hosted PBX is constantly updated and offers you all the newest features which helps you stay up-to-date.   

Easy internal communication– PBX system makes it easier for employees to communicate within the organization. They just have to dial the extension number instead dialling a 10-digit phone number.    

Cloud-based system also has its limitations. It requires a high-speed internet connection without which your call quality will suffer. Since it’s connected to the internet, the cloud-based system is susceptible to security breaches. To overcome this, companies have to work with the service providers and set up security measures like regular password updates, suspicious activity monitoring, firewalls etc. Notwithstanding its limitations, cloud-based phone systems offer your business a host of benefits which cannot be over-looked. A reliable PBX service provider can assist you to scale your business to new heights. It helps you integrate your phone system with other business tools like your organization’s CRM.    

We take care of your phone system, while you focus on serving your customers. Set up your cloud-based PBX system with Voiptella - start making and receiving calls in minutes.  Sign up now – https://www.voiptella.com/ 

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