How do virtual business phone solutions work?

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The world has just overcome the pandemic, Covid-19. More and more organizations are enabling their workforce to embrace the system of Work from Home, which enables them to get services of the best workforce from anywhere in the world and that too at no extra office space and related cost. Having said that, one of the biggest obstacles is their business phone system. A virtual phone system gives you much more functionality compared to landlines. Our old-fashioned desktop phone systems are incomparable with the virtual phone system, which has become the new normal. Team members can sit in any part of the world and communicate, not needing access to a desk phone. The shift to remote and distributed work means that businesses need a virtual phone system.  So, can you run your business from a virtual business phone solution? What is it actually? How does it work?  Is it too difficult to set up? What features should you look for? Before going into too much details, let us first understand the concept. 


Why you should choose Voiptella.

What is a Virtual Business Phone Solution? 

A virtual business phone system is a communications platform that handles your business calls through an internet connection. It lets users accept incoming and place outgoing calls on a desktop app, mobile phone, or desk phone.  It is a flexible, and affordable business phone system that can be easily set up on the web. They work with office phones, cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and landlines – empowering employees to work from anywhere, using their existing hardware. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) exists at the core of a virtual phone system. Phone extensions exist virtually and not as physical lines. You can use any existing business phone numbers, even vanity numbers. From there, it converts your phone calls from analogue sound with VoIP codecs to achieve superior call quality. 

Virtual business phone systems are VoIP based, so there is no expensive computer equipment to buy or maintain. They are substantially cheaper than traditional business phone systems and come with modern features like text messaging, auto-reply, call menu options, and customer service software. The facility of virtual phone number for small business, this can be an advantage as this can be done with minimum cost.  

How to get a virtual phone number in USA? 

Virtual phone systems use what is known as US virtual phone number. Virtual phone number USA, look and act like traditional phone numbers except they are not attached to a specific device. They are ‘in the cloud’ and can be configured to route calls to any device you want – a desk phone, home phone, cell phone, laptop, tablet, or computer. Getting a virtual phone number in the USA is fairly easy to do with the help of a virtual business phone system. They are there to help you implement their services in a way that suits your needs. There are a lot of virtual number providers, though, and picking one that suits your taste and needs may be harder than you might think.  A US virtual business phone number allows you to use the same number on laptops, mobile phones, desktop handsets, and more. You can easily forward calls, record voice messages, and share the same number among employees. You can quickly and easily set up a virtual business phone number without any technical knowledge. 

How do Voiptella  Virtual Business Phone Systems Work? 

Voiptella virtual phone system providers maintain a scalable communications infrastructure for users.  We are probably the best virtual number providers in the US. The biggest reason why companies move their phone system to our cloud is to take advantage of the advanced features that only a virtual phone system can provide. It enables companies of all sizes to enhance productivity and grow their team. In addition to the VoIP phone service itself, they implement advanced features like SMS text messaging, business phone numbers, and voicemail transcription. We take care of servers, cables, wires, software updates, or IT personnel for you, providing you hassle-free services. Since our systems work with cell phones, laptops, computers, and tablets, there is generally no new hardware to buy. However, if your needs require desk phones, that would be the only hardware expense for a virtual phone system. Voted as the best virtual phone system for small business, be it a huge or a small entrepreneur initiative, we are the one for you. Voiptella has set up a redundant network of data centres. In the event of severe weather, communications automatically failover to other servers without missing a beat. 

What are the Main Benefits of Voiptella Virtual Phone Systems? 

The main benefits of Voiptella Virtual Phone Systems are: 

  • Easy to set up  
  • No extra investment required 
  • Flexible virtual numbers 
  • Use any device, such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, etc for communication 
  • Can be accessed worldwide 
  • Modern Business Features Like Text Messaging 
  • Professional-Grade Features Like Call Menu Options & Call Routing 

The goal of Voiptella from the beginning was to offer businesses the same experience that they would get from a quality, on-site conventional phone system, without the need for expensive equipment or changes in service. We offer users to try our services. Once you sign up, you get a 7-days free trial period. All you have to do is select a new business phone number or port-in your existing number to Voiptella, select what numbers and users to which you would like calls to be routed, and customize the features provided with your account.  

Start using Voiptella! Enjoy the simplicity! 

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