Get a custom toll free number in Canada and facilitate seamless interaction with your customers

buy canada toll free number

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Because there’s nothing quicker than a phone call to address your customer’s needs 

Get a custom toll free number and facilitate seamless interaction with your customers 

Buy Canada toll free number from Voiptella- best toll free number provider in Canada. Expand your business beyond your city limits and give it a national presence. Let your customers approach you with their queries regarding products and services, free of cost. Having a toll free number also creates a higher sense of reliability in your business among your customers. Improve your customer experience and build loyalty- get Canada toll free number

Toll free numbers are a great marketing tool for your business. Conduct quick surveys, get instant customer feedback and launch new products using your toll free number. Vanity numbers, which can be customized to spell a brand name, increase your brand’s visibility and recall value and can scale your business to new heights. 

Toll free numbers keep your customer support services live, 24/7. Using the IVR system, serve your customers round the clock and gain their loyalty. These loyal customers will be the best ambassadors for your business. With IVR system you can greet your customers with custom messages and make them feel valued. 

Buy 1800 number Canada 

Toll free numbers are also called 1800 numbers because of their dialling prefix. Canada’s toll free numbers begin with 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888. Any business that has its own 1800 number puts forth the impression of a well-established organization. 

You can have multiple 1800 numbers depending on your business and marketing needs. By using a dedicated 1800 number for your marketing campaign, you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaign.  

Outbound toll free service 

With Voiptella, you can make outbound calls to any international destination using your soft-phone. Voiptella also gives you the option to configure your caller id settings to display your 1800 number. In seconds, you can create SIP lines to any toll free number in Canada. Many layers of Voip data centers across the world assure you excellent call quality and fail over routing. 

Competitive pricing  

We provide you complete solution for your telecommunications needs at a fraction of the cost set by other providers. Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of small and medium enterprises and also businesses which have a high call volume. Toll free numbers with cloud-based phone lets you make/receive calls from anywhere in the world. Feature-rich and scalable, Voiptella toll free numbers are the most affordable toll free numbers available in the market today.  

Not only does Voiptella come with zero set up fees and no minimum contract, it also offers 20+ hotline features which makes it an excellent choice for your business. 

  • Automatic call routing- Call routing ensures that you do not miss out on any important call. It is possible to change your routing preferences anytime. 
  • Smart IVR– Enable your customers to resolve frequent queries with a series of pre-recorded messages, without introducing an agent to the call. Voiptella’s IVR system is efficient enough to handle up to 50 calls concurrently. 
  • Queue report- Queue reports help you track your call center activity- total calls answered, average waiting time, average call length etc. – and improve the overall performance of your call center. 
  • Personalised caller id – Configure your caller id settings to display your Canada toll free number. 
  • Voicemail transcription- In case your agents are busy or unavailable, handle your calls by routing it to the voicemail. Voicemail transcription then allows you to convert audio voicemail messages to text format which saves time and improves productivity of your agents. 
  • Call recording- Toll free services facilitate call recording whereby businesses can track and record the calls for quality purposes. An analysis of the recorded calls, helps in understanding customer preferences and serving them better. 

Affordable and reliable communication system is the need of the hour. Voiptella offers you the best telecommunications service at the most affordable cost. Opt for Voiptella toll free number to boost your business credibility and enjoy all the perks that come along with it. Sign up for a seven-day free trial, today! 

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