Difference between virtual phone numbers and regular phone numbers

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Demand for virtual phone numbers is on the rise. Virtual phone system is rapidly replacing the traditional phone system because it’s a cheaper alternative. Let’s take a look at the differences between virtual numbers and regular phone numbers and see how the former has elevated telecommunications system to a much higher level.  


Virtual phone numbers are much cheaper when compared to regular phone numbers. Call charges are very low for virtual numbers. With all Voiptella’s monthly subscription plans you get unlimited inbound and outbound calls. Virtual phone numbers also provide you a lot of business-friendly features which are not available with traditional phone numbers. Since virtual phone numbers can be accessed on any device, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to buy specialized devices for using your virtual numbers. 

Ease of use 

Unlike traditional phone numbers, virtual phone numbers are extremely flexible. Since they are not bound to any particular location, users can access these numbers from anywhere in the world. Traditional landlines are connected through physical phone lines and are bound to a single location. Mobile phones are more flexible than landlines, but they require a SIM card. With virtual phone numbers, users can make/receive calls on any device that is compatible with VoIP technology. Virtual phone numbers are specially advantageous for businesses with remote workforce. When the employees are working from different locations, virtual phone numbers can act as a unifying link between them. Calls can be routed to agents who are positioned in different locations with ease.  

No dedicated equipment  

Virtual phone numbers do not require a dedicated equipment to make and receive calls. You can access your virtual number on any device compatible with VoIP technology. Virtual phone number can be accessed on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop or even your land phone. This means that you don’t have to bear huge initial set up costs when you switch to virtual phone numbers. With Voiptella’s cloud-hosted services, you don’t have to worry about maintenance cost also. Port your existing number to get a virtual number from the best virtual number service provider.  

No minimum contracts 

As opposed to traditional phone numbers, Voiptella’s virtual phone numbers don’t require any minimum contracts or any other obligations. We place our customers at the center of our business and strive to provide them maximum convenience. Customers have to spend only according to their usage.  

Data back-up 

Data backup facility is another useful feature of virtual phone numbers which you will not get with traditional phone numbers. Tracking and recording calls can be done easily with virtual numbers. An analysis of the recorded calls can be used to improve agent productivity and enhance customer experience. With Voiptella’s cloud-based services, you can rest assured that all the data like recorded calls, voicemails and stored numbers are securely saved on our system. Cloud-hosted services minimize the risk of losing valuable data.   

Text messages 

Unlike traditional landlines, virtual phone numbers allow you to send text messages to your customers. Agents can easily send messages to large groups of people from their desktop or any other device that they use. Businesses can conduct huge SMS marketing campaigns easily with virtual phone numbers. The cost of SMS is also much cheaper when compared to that of traditional phones. 

In addition to these advantages over regular phones numbers, virtual phone numbers come with many other business-friendly features that help you streamline your telecommunications processes and scale your business. IVR, voicemail transcription, progressive dialler etc. are some of the features that come with Voiptella’s virtual phone numbers. IVR, short for interactive voice response, is an automated system which helps businesses communicate with their customers through a series of pre-recorded messages. It helps customers tackle minor issues themselves without agent intervention. Voicemail transcription feature helps transcribe voicemail into text and send it as email to the agent. This saves time and improves agent productivity. Progressive dialer is yet another feature that improves agent productivity. Outbound calls are initiated automatically when the agents are available and are handed over to the agent once the calls are answered.   

Manage your business communications efficiently through feature-rich virtual phone numbers from Voiptella. Start your free trial today! https://voiptella.com/

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