What is a cloud contact focus programming?

A cloud contact focus programming empowers organizations to do their client interchanges (calls, SMS) over the web, without the requirement for an on-prem PBX telephone framework . It is simpler to set up and keep up with, cost-productive and gives organizations more control and perceivability into their tasks.

Get an Exophone

Get an Exophone (virtual number) from Voiptella. Redirect all calls from your client confronting number to the your Exophone.

Tweak the call stream in dashboard

Customize the call stream to guarantee clients have an extraordinary encounter. Make an IVR welcoming, add voice message choice, set available time and so forth

Course calls to the right specialists

Savvy call directing redirects calls to the right specialists dependent on your client's feedback and the group's accessibility.

Client confronting number

Have a solitary number that your clients can contact you on. This number should be not difficult to recollect and utilized in the entirety of your pledges.

What you get from Voiptella's contact center solutions

Multi-level IVR

Give your clients a consistent encounter each time they call you. Customize, modify, sound proficient with our IVR arrangements.

Auto Dialer

Our auto dialer programming smoothes out your calling interaction. It eliminates the requirement for manual dialing, permitting specialists to accomplish more significantly quicker.

Automated Calls & SMS

You can settle on computerized IVR decisions to follow advertising ROI, gather client input, affirm COD requests, and so forth

Visual drag-drop APIs

With Voiptella, you can do anything from making a basic IVR to muddled call capacities utilizing our visual APIs or 'Application Builder' as we like to call it.

Call Recording

Our call community programming permits you to record calls, screen them and settle on better business choices. Helps in preparing specialists, client question goal

Daily Email Reports

Realize precisely how your group is performing over calls. Get a point by point day by day report with call insights for your organization and individual specialists just as gatherings.

Call Analytics

Think Google Analytics for your calls with our call community programming. Get point by point investigation on every one of the missions you run with data on the situation with each call and SMS.

Real-time notifications

Missing a call implies losing a possible client or passing up on the chance to tackle a client's concern. With our call community programming, stay educated with regards to your business calls and serve your clients better.

Conditional Call Routing

Our programmed call wholesaler programming courses calls dependent on a ton of conditions like time a client calls, the geology a client is calling from or even the client who is calling.

Integrate Your Automated Dialer with Any CRM Solution

On CRM, the agents can view caller details for a live call. Through a pop-up, the CRM information for a specific customer appears on the dashboard so that the agent may aware of the customer details and provide more context.

See How An Automated Outbound Dialers Help Your Businesses Grow

Call Center
Outbound Auto Dialer Software builds a call center for an organization to process cold calling and inside sales of a product.
Banking Sector
In the banking sector, the chances of generating leads are very high, and progressive auto dialer software enhances the inside-sales productivity.
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