Best Conference Call Service for Small Business

Conference Call Services for Small Business

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Connect with as many people as you want, wherever you are! 

Conference calls have become a part of our lives. Currently, more meetings are being conducted virtually than in person. Virtual meetings allow great flexibility for the participants. People can attend meetings from any location. You can connect with people across the globe through a conference call. Since participants don’t have to travel to attend the meeting, conference calls bring in considerable savings as well. High-quality audio and web conferencing services from Voiptella help you conduct highly productive meetings with a large team, without moving from your seat.  

For audio and web conferences, call quality is of utmost importance. There is no better way to test the call quality than to take a trial to experience it yourself. Start your 7-day free trial, today!   

The best conference call services  

 Voiptella offers you the best call conferencing service at an affordable cost. The features that come along with Voiptella calls ensure that you have a high-quality and secure conference call at the cheapest rate possible. 

Call recording– Voiptella facilitates recording of live conference calls. You can stop/pause recording at any point according to your convenience. Record and archive your important conferences with Voiptella. 

Mute/unmute – Sometimes the background noise can disrupt the meeting or cause disturbances in the meeting. Voiptella’s mute/unmute feature can be utilized by anyone attending the conference. When you are in a noisy setting, you can mute yourself to ensure that the quality of the conference call is not compromised.  

Lecture mode– This feature helps you improve audio clarity, especially for calls with a large number of participants. The moderator can mute all the participants in the call and turn on the listen only mode. This enables the moderator to speak without any interruption. 

Total participants – You can find out the number of participants in the call, anytime during the call. This is an important feature that can ensure the security of the call. You can make sure that all the participants are present in the call and that no invader or intruder has come into the call. 

Secure mode– You can place the entire conference in secure mode after all the participants have joined. Once the secure mode is turned on, no one else can join the conference.  

Hang up – This is another feature that adds to your convenience. In the middle of the call if you want to hang up due to any emergency and then return to the call, that too can be done easily when you use Voiptella audio and web conferences. 

 Secure and reliable services for both small and large businesses  

With budget-friendly plans and pay-as-you go facility, Voiptella offers reliable services for businesses of all industries and sizes. Voiptella also lets you add any number of lines to your call. 

Budget-friendly plans– Our subscription plans are devised to cater to businesses of all sizes. You can set up conference calls with Voiptella on a very low budget.  You can always scale up according to your changing requirements. We have different subscription plans to suit your business needs.  With no annual contracts or any other commitments, we offer maximum flexibility to our customers.  

Pay-as-you-go – We have taken flexibility to the next level by introducing pay-as-you-go for our customers. Placing customers at the center of our efforts, we offer them the utmost flexibility in payments. You need to pay only according to your usage and not a penny more. We also provide the option to pay on quarterly, semi-annual or yearly basis.  

Unlimited lines- You can have conferences with as few as 3 lines or with more than 200 lines.. Add any number of lines to your conference calls with a 24-hour prior notice. Our customer service team will allocate necessary lines and make sure that your conference can be conducted seamlessly. Here again you need to pay only according to your usage. There are no extra charges for increasing the number of lines.  

Voiptella brings you unparalleled telecommunication services at a fraction of the cost of other providers. We strive to take corporate communication to the next level with our customer-centric, dependable and affordable services. Our easy-to-use and cost-efficient audio/web conferencing service will help you manage your calls and conduct meetings  as often as you like wherever you are. Reduce the expenses and the time consumed in travelling- avail the best conference call service from Voiptella. Sign up for a free trial, now! https://www.voiptella.com/

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