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Are your agents still using manual dialling process for outbound calls? Does your business productivity depend on these calls? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s high time you started rethinking.  

Automated outbound calling software initiates outbound calls to different numbers concurrently. The software automatically dials numbers using random number generators. Once the calls are answered, they are handed over to the agents or the autodialer plays a pre-recorded message. 

Agents usually make outbound calls for purposes like tele-marketing, tele-sales etc. Outbound caller software makes this process more efficient by automating the dialling process and filtering out the calls which are received by the answering machines. This increases the connect rates and also the agent productivity. Automatic diallers which dial large number of calls quickly and efficiently help call centers conduct extensive call campaigns. 

Progressive dialler and predictive dialler– Both progressive and predictive dialler software initiate outbound calls. Both are automated processes which free the agent from manually searching and dialling customer’s numbers. But there is a major difference between them. Predictive dialler estimates the time that an agent will spend on a call and based on that, starts making multiple calls even before the agent is available. Progressive dialler initiates a new call only when the agent is available. Both have their pros and cons. While predictive dialler can be used to target large number of customers, the customers might have to wait a few seconds before the call gets connected. In the case of progressive diallers, there is no risk of customer being unattended. Agents can finish their calls without worrying about the next customer waiting. But here, the outreach will be slightly lesser than that of predictive dialler. 

Outbound IVR 

Outbound calls are made to potential leads or existing customers with an aim of understanding market trend, getting customer feedback, reminding them about bill due dates, informing them about offers etc. All this work which was earlier carried out manually by call center agents can now be done through outbound IVR. Through a series of pre-recorded messages, businesses can connect with their potential/existing customers. By automating the entire process, requirement for manual labour is reduced. The agent’s time can be utilized for other important tasks which need human intervention.  

Advantages of automated outbound call software 

Cost-effective– Notify your customers about new products and services through outbound call blasts. Pre-recorded messages can be used to inform your customers about new offers, products or services. This will help you reach more customers in lesser time. Since it’s completely automated and doesn’t require agent intervention, it’ll afford you considerable savings also. 

Schedule calls ahead of time- Automated calls can be used for reminders, follow-ups, event-based calls, emergency notifications, political campaigns and fundraising. You can set up automated calls much ahead of time. Schedule call campaigns to be run on your preferred date and time. You can also record your outbound calls to track agent performance or understand customer preferences. 

Increase agent productivity– Calls are initiated automatically and only if a human voice answers it, the call will be transferred to the agent. Agents don’t have to manually look up numbers, dial them and wait for it to be answered. This greatly increases the number of calls each agent handles. Maximize agent productivity and minimise agent intervention using automatic dialler software.  

Reach target audience and improve ROI– You can utilize the automated outbound call software to reach your target audience better during business campaigns. Schedule automated calls or SMS to connect with your target audience. Increase leads by keeping your target audience well informed about latest offers, products and services. 

Easy to set up and activate– No special equipment is required to set up automated calls and hence no associated set up charges are involved in it. With a smart plug-n-play solution you can easily integrate your existing CRM software with Voiptella’s automated outbound call software. 

Enhance caller experience– Improve caller experience by setting up personalized greetings in regional languages. Voiptella’s automated outbound call software lets you play customized hold music or greetings in regional languages. 

 Autodiallers should comply with the laws and regulations which were made to prevent spam calls and messages. Voiptella ensures that all calls made with our automated outbound call software complies with the laws of the country. Optimize the entire outbound calling process and enhance your business performance by adopting automated outbound call software from Voiptella. Sign up for free trial now – https://www.voiptella.com/

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